For delivery orders, we are partnered with DiningIn. You can place an order through their website. Please note that during the evenings on Fridays and Saturdays, the takeout and delivery times can be higher than usual. If you need the food in a rush, please give us a call before placing the order to check if we will be able to get the food to you in the time you need. Please click here to go to the DiningIn website.


Our full menu is available for catering for parties of 20 or more. Catering orders are priced per person and the amount is based on the actual dishes that you need. Please use the form below or give us a call at 781-235-1666 to discuss menu options and pricing. The following table shows some typical prices depending on how many vegetarian and non-vegetarian items are required:

Veg Appetizers Veg Entrees Non-Veg Entrees Price ($/person)
1 1 0 12
1 0 1 13
1 1 1 16
0 2 0 15
1 0 2 16
1 3 0 16
1 2 3 20
1 0 3 18

Catering Form